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Glass replacement of all types of Glass


Float glass

The float glass process was invented by Pilkington, and the first and only float glass line in Australia started in 1972 at Greens Road Dandenong Victoria.
Glass is manufactured by melting sand, soda ash, dolomite and limestone together and produces a continuous glass ribbon up to 3660 mm wide. This flows from the furnace and “floats”over a bed of molten tin. It is then cooled to anneal the glass – a process that modifies the internal stresses so it can be cut to size as required.
The float glass process gives fantastic optical clarity and is renowned for its flatness. It is available in clear, toned and range of high performance tones which can also include Low E coating to reduce solar heat gain and achieve a higher performance energy rating.

Patterned glass

Patterns can be added to the glass during manufacture and are available in a wide range of options.

Please see attached pdf for photos and details ViridianDecorPattern.pdf

Laminated safety glass

Comprises two or more layers of glass permanently bonded together with an interlayer of plastic. If broken the interlayer is designed to hold the glass together. Laminated glass is available in a range of different thickness and toned configurations to comply with Australian safety standards.

Toughened safety glass

Patterned or float glass is heated then quickly cooled resulting in the glass retaining high compressive stresses. Toughened glass is made to size and can not be cut after toughening. Fully toughened glass is four to five stronger than float glass and if broken forms small granules.

Double glazed units / Insulating glass units

Two or more panels of glass with a spacer bar in between the panels of glass then bonded together. The primary reason is solar control and insulation and for greater performance the space can be filled with argon gas.

Toughened laminated glass

This is the very best in safety glass. Each piece of glass is toughened before being laminated together to provide superior structural strength.

Security glass

Special laminates that use multiple layers of glass and PVB interlayers designed to resist physical attack, bomb and ballistic blasts.


Float glass is backed with silver and enamel paint coats baked to seal the silver. Sheet sizes range from 1840 x 2440 to 2440 x 3660 in 4 mm & 6 mm thickness. Can be cut to size if required.

Coated glass

This collection of high performance glasses consists of permanently bonded thin layers of metal oxides. There are two different types of coating technology used online and offline coating resulting in a range of products for any application including Low-Emissivity.

Formed glass / slumped glass

Float glass is heated to it softening point and slumps into a mould that can have a custom design and pattern.

Self cleaning glass

The glass incorporates a pyrolitic coating that dissolves dirt and sheds water using natural UV light and rain.

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